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Porteus Kiosk is released as a standalone 'hybrid' ISO which can be burned on a CD/DVD or any other bootable media including usb sticks, hard drives, SSD/eMMC devices, removable SD/MMC cards, etc.

Burn to USB Stick

Windows/Mac users can burn hybrid ISO to a flash device using special applications such as Win32DiskImager. Users have reported that some burning programs are not compatible with Porteus Kiosk (e.g. Rufus or UNetbootin) so if booting fails then please use Win32DiskImager which is proven to work.

Linux users can install a hybrid ISO to a flash device using the 'dd' command. For example:
  1. dd if=Porteus-Kiosk-3.1-i486.iso of=/dev/sdb

where 'dev/sdb' is the target device.

Note that this will disable any other bootloaders, overwrite all existing data on this device, and it will not work if you specify a partition number (e.g. /dev/sdb1), as 'dd' must start writing to the Master Boot Record of the device itself. Once you have executed this command, the drive will be bootable - no further steps are required to complete the installation.

Please note that when you are burning the ISO to a block device, you are copying the underlying filesystem of the ISO (iso9660) onto the flash device. This is a read-only filesystem, so in order to make changes to the kiosk software, you must remaster the ISO and reburn it. While this may sound like more work than customizing an installation in place, utilizing this method enhances the security and stability of the kiosk, preventing unauthorized manipulation of the system components.

Burn to CD/DVD

Download the Kiosk ISO and burn it to a CD or DVD as an ISO image file using your favorite CD burning software. Most CD/DVD creation software has this function. Please be aware that this is not the same as simply burning a file to disk or creating a 'data disk'. The end result should not be a disk that contains the .iso file, e.g.'Porteus-Kiosk-3.1-i486.iso'. The end result should be a disk that contains three folders: boot, docs and xzm. If your software doesn't have this option, try downloading and installing a free application such as imgburn.

During first boot you will be welcomed by the Kiosk Wizard utility which will help you set the system according to you needs and burn your customized kiosk ISO on a selected device.


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NOTE: Since 3.6.0 release UEFI component is integrated with the kiosk ISOs by default.

Download: Porteus Kiosk 3.7.0

md5sum: link

Download: Porteus Kiosk Server 3.7.0

md5sum: link

Changelog: link

Package list: link

Standalone components: link

Sources: distfiles portage snapshot 20160228

If you find Porteus Kiosk useful, please consider making a donation to support our project financially:

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Porteus Kiosk customized build demo

Please download and check out sample kiosk build showing possible modifications offered by the commercial customized builds service. Please note that the ISO linked below does not include Kiosk Wizard and is meant for demonstration purposes only. Custom ISO which we create for you through the 'customized builds' service will have the wizard included. Additional information about the demo can be found at the following link.

Download: Porteus Kiosk custom build demo

md5sum: 956be5bc37d74dbafe79b8a36ba9721c