Automatic updates and support subscription

Starting with Porteus Kiosk 6.0.0 release the 'automatic updates' service is enabled by default on all our client systems: Kiosk, Cloud, ThinClient. This is an important feature which provides security patches, updated software components (kernel, browser, libraries/utilities) and new system features.

We are targeting the 'setup and forget' approach which means that you need to setup your kiosk only once through our Kiosk Wizard, and then it updates automatically without any user intervention. Only a system reboot is required so updated components such as kernel or browser can be loaded into PC memory.

After activating your systems in the Customer Panel you are eligible to receive a software/hardware related help during the subscription period without an additional charge.

Real time changelog for security fixes, software upgrades and new features implemented in the system are presented at this address: automatic updates changelog.


Invoices in the USD currency are available on a request.

If you are a public or educational institution, foundation or non profit organization then the prices could be lowered to a level which is affordable for you. Please query for a quote and request an additional discount!

Prices are as follows (excl. VAT):

Number of PCs PC per year Discount
1-10 €40 EUR -
11-25 €36 EUR 10%
26-50 €33 EUR 17.5%
51-100 €30 EUR 25%
Above 100 Negotiable


If your company wants to sign 3 PCs to the 'automatic updates and support' service for a period of a year then total cost will be: 3 x €40 = €120 EUR (excl. VAT) for this subscription.

If your company wants to sign 15 PCs to the 'automatic updates and support' service for a period of a year then total cost will be: 15 x €36 = €540 EUR (excl. VAT) for this subscription.



  • Kiosks must be able to access domain on ports 80 and 443 in order validate the subscription and download updates. Please make sure that your firewall is not blocking these ports and our domain.

  • Advantages

  • System works in full rolling-release development model.
  • Only updated components are downloaded over the network which saves time and bandwidth required for doing an update (short downtime).
  • Kiosk config is preserved so there is no need to run the Kiosk Wizard and repeat configuration steps.
  • Automatic updates enhances security as system components are monitored by the system.
  • Terms and Conditions that apply to the automatic updates subscription

    1) Before you buy the subscription you are obliged to install and test Porteus Kiosk systems (you can download and the non-activated version for free and use it for as long as you need) to make sure that your hardware is fully compatible with it and you are fully satisfied with every aspect of our solution.

    2) You can buy the subscription by contacting our sales department. Please provide Customer ID and the number of systems which you want to activate to

    We accept online payments only: bank transfer (preferred), PayPal or credit card payment. Please do not send us bank checks as our bank: ING Bank Slaski does not accept them. Payment details will be included in the invoice which we send to you.

    3) Balance on your account will be updated within 24 hours after receiving the payment.

    4) In order to get the system fully operational you need to activate relevant PC ID using the Customer Panel. During next boot the system should validate the subscription and upgrade automatically to latest availabe version.

    5) Client subscription is valid for 12 months. You will be reminded about the possibility of extending the subscription for another period 30 days before the subscription expires.

    6) If you want to close your account and unsubscribe early from the service then please query and the remaining part of the money will be refunded to you.

    7) You can disable system updates at any time using remote management, however - subscription can be reused on another PC only when you deactivate relevant ID in the Customer Panel.

    8) You have the possibility of moving the subscription from one kiosk to another in case of e.g. hardware failure. Please perform the swap using Customer Panel (deactivate old ID and activate new one).

    9) Software and hardware related help will be provided without additional charge during the whole subscription period. Standard support queries will be answered within 24 hours over an email. Urgent/critical issues affecting the kiosks may be resolved through remote assistance within the same time frame.