Porteus Kiosk videos

Kiosk videos are presented below. Some features must be enabled at the kiosk configuration stage to be available in the system.

Quick overview of features offered by the Kiosk Wizard version 3.1

This video also shows the following tricks: how to use Firefox to copy homepage/wallpaper URL from the browser to the wizard input window, how to preserve the current kiosk config or paste existing one, how to upload generated kiosk ISO to online storage for later burning on a CD disc or usb stick.

Overview of the 'automatic updates' service

Please refer to the information provided on the automatic updates page for more information about this service.

Customized build demo

Video showing possible modifications offered by the commercial customized builds service.

PXE boot with remote management and nested configurations

Porteus Kiosk 3.5.0 supports booting the system over a network with the remote management feature enabled.

Porteus Kiosk Server - preview of the Administration Panel functions (mind the video is old and does not cover currently supported server features, its still worth watching):

Quick preview of the Porteus Kiosk Server and functions of the Administration Panel which allows control of and centrally managed multiple kiosk clients.

Save kiosk config or kiosk ISO on removable device during instalaltion

Quick tutorial presenting how to save kiosk config and configured kiosk ISO on removable device. This is handy if you want to use them later.

Quiet boot with bootsplash

Porteus Kiosk with booting messages hidden behind the bootsplash image.