Help & Support

Our project offers three levels of support:

  • Community support provided by kiosk users on a public forum.

  • Registration is required in order to use this service. Please post your feedback, bug reports, development suggestions and queries regarding Kiosk ISO modifications in the Porteus Kiosk section of the forum only.

  • Basic support provided privately through the email service by the Porteus Kiosk team members.

  • Please use Contact form when you prefer to stay anonymous and dont want to register on a public forum. Bug reports, bugfixes, suggestions, feature requests and all kind of feedback are welcome.

    NOTE: please do not use this service for queries regarding kiosk customizations, please use the public forum instead or contact us through the commercial Customized Builds facility.

  • Advanced commercial support provided privately through the email service by Porteus Kiosk experts.

  • If you suffer from a hardware, software or configuration issue which cannot be resolved by the kiosk community members on the forum then you have the option to request paid support from the Porteus Kiosk experts.

    This service grants a timely response via email which will let you track the progress until the issue is finalized. If we can't resolve the issue for you then you don't have to pay us anything.

    If you are in need of such support then please do not hesitate to query us on and we will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

    NOTE: if your kiosks are signed to our automatic updates service then you are entitled for a free support during whole subscription period.